"BUILT TO LAST" was the Emerson logo, and last they did.  This original  Emerson model 29646 was manufactured between 1922 and 1932 and it is still running strong today - over 75 years later. 


If SPECIAL is what you are looking for in an antique electric fan restoration, then this is it.  Rest assured, this is a professional restoration, performed by an experienced and skilled craftsman.  Check my feedback and see how my fan customers feel about my fans.


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They truly don't build them like this anymore.  The American made Emerson electric fan is probably the best built electric fan ever.


This Emerson electric fan is more than just a beautiful restoration - it is an example of those innovative and technological advances right out of the industrial revolution and the coming of the machine age.  You are looking at true American history preserved.


This fan features 12 inch Parker (unique to Emerson), solid brass blades, adjustable oscillator, and 3 speeds. 





The four, 12" solid brass "Parker" blades have been machine buffed and clear coated.  They have also been strobe-light balanced to provide very smooth operation. 


Beautiful brass cage badge features the Emerson twin Parker blades logo.  Black background has been restored, embossed brass polished, then an overall clear coat applied for preservation. 


SPECIAL NOTE:  To properly treat and prevent reoccurrence of rust and corrosion between the brass blades and the steel hub, they are disassembled and processed separately.  After refinishing, they are reassembled using special solid brass rivets and special tooling.  The reassembled blade and hub assembly look and perform like it just came out of the factory.

This is a special step in the process that is seldom done by other restorers.  To do it properly, it is expensive and time consuming. 



The motor cord and the line cord are black, cloth covered, twisted wire made especially for antique restorations.  The plug is a vintage plug that was commonly used on this fan.  It too has been restored.


All electrical is thoroughly inspected and tested.  Speed control choke and motor field winding are cleaned and resealed. 


Speed control is completely disassembled to permit access to all contact surfaces.  Knife switch contact pitting is removed and surface smoothed.  Proper switch/contact tension reset.  This is another of many special steps in the restoration process.




The base, motor housing, and gear housing are constructed of rugged cast iron.  A sliding switch at the base provides a choice of  "off and three different speeds".


Refinishing involved complete disassembly, stripping to bare metal, bead blasting, and then coating with the very best paint available.  The gun applied finish is the same weather proof finish used on automobiles.  It consists of an epoxy primer sealer, 2 coats of color base coat, pin striping, and 2 coats of catalyst activated clear coat.  And it is stunning.


All of the many processes used in this restoration are too numerous to mention in this short description.  I do all of the work myself.  If you have any questions about what has been done to this fan, please email. 


You see my fans from every angle and they look brilliant in the images because they are brilliant.





Here we have a view of the oscillator gear housing, oscillator control and motor positioning controls.  Oscillation can be adjusted from 0 degrees to 90 degrees.


Powerful 4-pole motor smoothly turns these large blades with ease.


The patented design of this Emerson motor was not only the best of that era, but is considered the best to date.  The rotor of this 1920's motor actually rides on a shaft that acts as the bearing and is in a constant oil bath.  A new leather seal has been installed to ensure that this oil bath chamber does not leak. 


Oscillator gear housing has been packed with gear lube and is ready for another lifetime of operation.   




Carrying handle is quite handy for moving this rather heavy electric fan.  Beautiful solid brass Emerson motor badge provides the specs for this model.   Badge black background has been repainted, raised brass polished, then clear coated for preservation.



The new dark green felt cover fits snuggly over the base cover plate and contrasts beautifully with the deep black base.  


Four position, 3-speed control switch is shown in the OFF position.


For safe shipping, this fan will be packaged and shipped in two separate cartons.  Some assembly will be required.  Instructions and tools are included.  Technical support via email or telephone will be available and is encouraged if there are any questions or doubts.  Special motor lube is also included. 



This Emerson electric fan has been very carefully, meticulously, and painstakingly restored with total attention to detail.    The new owner will be proud to show it and will thoroughly enjoy using it.


I have been collecting and restoring electric fans for many years, and I stand behind my work 100%.   Also, I am an active member of the "Antique Fan Collectors Association".


Fixed shipping cost of $35.00 is for the continental U.S. only, and is approximately half of the actual freight charges for insured USPS Priority or UPS Ground.  I pay the balance to ensure expeditious delivery.  Packaging is done with new materials and cartons. 


International bidders are welcomed.  Please email for shipping costs.