Here is your chance to own an original, 1934 Western Electric model 202 desk-set telephone with the very desirable 5H clickity-clack dial, and the FW1 bakelite handset, in full operating condition. Works just like it did almost 80 years ago.  All you have to do is plug it into your modular wall telephone outlet and start dialing and talking.




Works right out of the box - guaranteed.  This telephone has been completely disassembled and professionally restored with "attention to detail" for every single part.  Nothing has been overlooked.  It is just like it came from the factory in 1934.


The finish is a spray-gun applied two part paint system.  It is the most expensive and difficult to apply and is far more superior to any other coating available.  It is chosen for its durability, depth of color, and its overall beauty.  Rest assured, I do not use dull, lifeless powder coats.


Only the best available brown, cloth-covered cord is used for the line cord and handset cord.  This beautiful cord is manufactured for telephone restorations and matches the original.



This very desirable solid bakelite, F1W handset has been machine buffed to a soft, brilliant luster. 





It also features a numbers-only porcelain dial face in remarkably beautiful condition. It shows only slight wear. The Western Electric dial center is original to this very telephone, and is not a copy.  The nickel plated finger stop has been buffed to a mirror finish.



The date stamp in the image below is quite faded, but does read II 34, which means this telephone was manufactured 2nd quarter, 1934.






The model 202 was the last Western Electric to employ a separate voice network and ringer (i.e. subset box).  This telephone physically did not allow for an internal ringer and voice network.  To provide the user of this telephone with the sound quality obtained by using a voice network, but not having to contend with a bulky add-on box, a miniature voice network has been internally installed.  A telephone without a voice network is not a complete telephone.


The installation of the GTE miniature  voice network in no way decreases the value of this telephone, as all original parts are still in place.  This network is electrically similar to the older external networks and is only a smaller version.


A bell type telephone ringer will be provided at no extra cost.  This ringer easily plugs in at the telephone wall outlet so that the user can associate incoming calls with this telephone.  It is being used just as an old subset ringer would be used.



The bottom plate has been bead-blasted and recovered with genuine suede leather that closely matches the original leather cover.  It is soft, supple, and smooth.




I have been restoring vintage telephones for many years and stand behind my telephone restorations 100%.  If you need to return this telephone, you need only CONTACT ME within 24 hours of the delivery confirmation.  Then return the telephone to me within 7 days of receipt in the same packaging and in the same condition as shipped, and you will receive a prompt refund of your full purchase price.  So please bid with confidence.  Your questions and comments are welcomed.



Although it is very rare for anything to go wrong with my telephones, I still give a 1 year parts and labor warrantee on all electrical parts, not including damage.  In addition, I am available for tech support by email or telephone.


Paint wear around the cradle area is normal.  Even Western Electric expected that.  Although this cradle has no wear yet,  it can be easily minimized be replacing the handset gently.


Shipping with insurance via USPS Priority anywhere in the continental U.S. is $15.00.  This includes quality packaging to assure safe arrival.


Please inquire about shipping costs for shipments outside the continental U.S.


I also restore vintage electric fans, so please check my other auctions.